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Know what’s grosser than picking up dog poop? Stepping in it! Know what’s even grosser than that? Swimming in, fishing from, and drinking water that has dog poop in it! According to The Office of Environmental Education Pet Waste left on the ground, especially near streets and sidewalks, gets washed into storm drains and drainage ditches which flow to our local waterway, untreated!

Why Should You Remove Pet Waste From Your Yard:

  • Pet Waste contains bacteria, parasites, & viruses.
  • Diminishes the appearance of your yard.
  • Pollutes ground water.
  • Attracts pest and flies.
  • Offends neighbors.
  • So you can enjoy your yard again!

Our Services provides an easy, affordable solution for families who want to spend more time with their family. All while enjoying a healthier yard.

Clean Yard = Happy/Healthy Family

Go Green With PetTastics!

For as little as $11.25/visit we will rid your yard of all the nasty mess your pet leaves behind.

Service Rates

*Rates include up to 4 dogs
*First time clean ups average between $15-$65 depending on yard conditions

* Over sized yards may incur an add’l fee

* 10% for Military, Seniors, & Service Pets

Backyard Only

Two Visits/Week: $12.50/visit

One Visit/Week: $15.00/visit

Every Other Week : $25.00/visit


Two visits/week: $17.50/visit

One visit/week:$20.00/visit

Every Other Week:$35.00/visit

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Click Here To Read Pet Waste Removal Frequently Asked Questions

All Services Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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